Are you going to create a project in Workana? Don’t forget these 10 tips to have the best experience

Enjoying all the advantages of remote work is easier than ever thanks Workana. If you have a venture, a startup or an already established company, and need to add talent to grow quickly, efficiently and paying only for what you need, hiring one or more freelancers is, by far, your best alternative. 

Although our platform is designed so that creating your project in any of our categories is very simple and intuitive, there are some factors to take into account to ensure you receive the best proposals and choose the ideal freelancer.

Consider these 10 recommendations:

What elements to consider before creating your project?

1.- Invest some time in creating a good project description

When you create a project in Workana, the system automatically takes you through a series of strategic steps so that you can easily determine and choose most of its relevant aspects, such as the category, the specific skills or abilities you need, the estimated budget, etc.

 However, it’s very worthwhile to make sure that the description really reflects exactly what you need, the schedule or process of deliveries, as well as the expected final product. Remember that the more specific you are, the better proposals you will receive from freelancers.

 This is an example of a project description that doesn’t give enough information:

And this one that will surely receive amazing proposals:

2.- Define your budget and your payment method

Although the system gives you an automatic option for you to choose the budget range of your project, the reality is that it’s always a good idea to be a little more specific in this regard in the project description. Explaining how much is really the maximum you can afford is a great way to filter proposals and make sure you receive only those that really fit the budget.

 You can also choose the hourly payment model, in which you pay the freelance only for the time they spend on your project, and you can control the working hours with our Workana Time Report tool. If you want to know how much a freelancer earns by category and skills, check out our freelance hour-rate calculator.

3.- Set delivery schedules very specifically

Many times, the work involves developing several partial deliveries throughout the project, instead of just making one final, global delivery. It’s also not uncommon for customers to want to see real-time progress of freelancers to request changes on the fly, instead of having to repeat everything at the end if something wasn’t properly understood to begin with.

 Take advantage of this advice and not only specify what you need, but also how and when you need it. You can even attach a small schedule of activities. In this way, only professionals who can adapt to it will apply and you won’t have to negotiate the schedule.

4.- Describe the necessary skills or abilities

Although there’s a special section in project creation for you to enter the skills you’ll require, remember that this is a tool for freelancers to filter the proposals that interest them. As such, it’s important that you also describe in detail what skills, focus and experience you are looking for in your freelancer, as in this example:

5.- Indicates the final product you expect

Finally, don’t forget to finish the description of your project with a synthesis of the expected final product, as this client did:

Which things to consider when choosing a freelancer?

Once you publish your project, you’ll start receiving several proposals from interested freelancers. To choose the best, follow these recommendations:

1.- Check also the profile of the freelancer, not just the proposal 

When you like a proposal, take some time to visit the freelancer’s profile; there you can find a lot of additional information about their career, skills, experience and even their attitude. 

2.- Learn what each badge means

Surely you have already seen that many freelancers have a series of medals or “badges”. To give you a faster idea of ​​the quality and experience of each one, we recommend that you learn what each of them means. For example, this is a Hero freelancer, ranked among the top 100 on the site and also has a verified payment method:

3.- Look at the Reviews

Reviews are the comments and ratings that customers leave on the freelance’s profile once they have completed a project. It is, by far, one of the best ways to know the quality of their work, their communication and their delivery times.

4.- Ask for examples of previous work

Ask the freelancers who sent you the best proposals, to send you examples of their most similar work to what you’re requiring of them. This is a very effective way to make a difficult decision between two or more prospects who seem equally good. 

5.- Analyze the clarity, innovation, and detail of the proposal

A freelancer who takes their time to write you a very clear proposal, in which they explains step by step how they’ll develop the work and their experience makes them your best option, surely is also a freelancer who will give 100% once you hire them. 

That’s it! You already have absolutely everything you need to create a good project and make the best decision when choosing a collaborator from our vast range of independent talent.

 At Workana, we work every day, together with our freelancers, to become the best remote work platform in the world. If you have not yet dared to take the first step, consider all the benefits you can get today when working with professionals by project



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