Workana Store: buy freelance service packages at a fixed price

Workana Store: buy freelance service packages at a fixed price

At Workana you can hire the best freelance talent in the world to carry out your projects and grow your business. As we have explained to you these days, you can hire professionals for a fixed price for a specific job or per hour.

Today we would like to introduce you to a tool that allows you to buy pre-defined packages of freelance services at a fixed price: Workana Store.


Basically, this tool works as a virtual store where you, as a client, can buy packages of services created by freelancers.

You will understand it very easily with this example: instead of posting a project on Workana looking for a web editor, receiving bids, evaluating them and arranging a price with the freelancer, on the Store you can buy a web article that an editor will write for you at the fixed price already offered.

As you can see, the main difference and advantage of the Store with the “traditional” Workana platform is to be able to purchase a predetermined package of services at a fixed price, making the negotiation process, explanation of the project and other details not necessary, as everything will already be defined and agreed upon.

That is to say: the buyer chooses the offered package of services and the professional already knows exactly what to deliver.

It’s very practical, isn’t it? You can visit it right now by clicking here.

How to use Workana Store in 4 steps

As I explained earlier, at Workana Store you will find service packages, which we call “Freelas”.

Each Freela has an exact description of what you will receive in the delivery of your service, as well as avoiding delays and misunderstandings. Our advice is to look for the one that really meets your expectations so that the projects can be carried out successfully.

To shop at Workana Store, first go to Workana and click on the “Workana Store” or “Explore Workana Store” menu item.

In the second part of the process you must browse the Freelas catalogue, according to the type of service you need or filter them in: “Outsanding”, “Best Sellers” and “Last Freelas added” (that is, the latest ones which were posted).

All filters are in the left menu and can be used according to your preferences.


Thirdly, after browsing the catalogue and choosing the Freela you need, simply click on the “Buy” button.

By clicking this button, you will be redirected to a payment page where you will need to make a guarantee payment.

This part works in the same way as the Workana platform: the payment is retained until the Freela is delivered by the freelancer.

Fourthly and finally, once your payment has been confirmed, the requirements that the freelancer needs to start working will appear. It is very important that you send all the information requested as soon as possible so that the development of the project is as expected.

Ready! You’ve already bought your package of freelancer services at a fixed price. We invite you to click here and try this tool!

At Workana, we make every effort to give you the freedom to hire freelancers in the way that suits you best to carry out your projects.

You can contract by the hour or by fixed price… or buy a package of services in our Store. For many clients, it helps them save time and makes it easier for them to choose, as they quickly arrange the price with the professional.

Before saying goodbye, we’d like to share with you 3 last points to keep in mind about Workana Store that will help you to get to know how it works:

1- Is my payment guaranteed as another regular project at Workana?

Yes, your payment has the same guarantee as a normal project at Workana, so you can count on our support if there are problems with your Freela.

2 – If there is a problem with the received material, can I request changes?

Yes, every Freela delivery will be approved or disapproved by you at every stage developed or completed. Funds will be released to the Freelancer only when you indicate that you are satisfied with the material received. Remember that all payments cease to be covered by our Guarantee after they are released, as they indicate your agreement with the product/service received.

3- And finally, remember to check the details of the Freela you are going to buy.

Each Freela already has its own specifications. Remember to carefully review the details of the Freela before you buy it, making sure that the deadline and conditions are what you need.

Interested in buying pre-determined service packages at a fixed price to grow your business?

Then don’t waste any more time, click here and access the Workana Store Freelas’ catalogue!