The most trendy of the season: Learn about the design trends that will help your business stand out

112,607 design-related projects were posted on Workana along last year only. That means that over 300 projects requiring GD skills were posted every day, just in Latin America and Europe.

Regardless of how we choose to interpret this data, it is a lot of work! And this can make us wonder: Where does such a demand come from?

The web: an insatiable world of graphic resources

The best way to communicate an idea is through an image. The text will always be necessary to state and describe concepts, of course, but what actually makes a difference between a regular website and a captivating website, is visual content.

This is due to two very important reasons:

  • We are visual creatures by nature: our brain can process images much faster than it can process a text: ¼ of a second is enough for our brain to connect a symbol with its meaning. However, it takes 6 seconds to read between 20 to 25 palabras -the minimum required to explain a concept-.
  • The ideal technology to consume graphic content by the thousand is readily available for us: Our computers, tablets and cellphones are perfect to watch videos and images inexpensively and in absolute comfort: you just need an internet connection and you’ll spend hours navigating the web.

Moreover, internet dynamics is not about creating long-lived content but, quite on the contrary, the consumption of web content demands a fast-speed creation that keeps growing forever.

Logotypes, computer graphics, photomontage, banners, posters, icons, illustrations, presentations, pictures and even memes are the most-demanded content. Being creative shouldn’t be too hard but for a very important fact: 

Internet is constantly evolving

It may have happened to you -going on vacation for just one week, disconnecting from everything, and then on your return home you run into a new trendy meme you don’t know where it came from, the webpages you usually visit have had a design update or you find a new trend with banner format, for instance.

Internet is a swarm of ideas where you can find new cutting-edge proposals every day, some of which in time turn into a trend and shape the style of websites for a couple of months or even for some years.

If you want to see that for yourself, and get filled with some nostalgia, have a look at this amazing website showing how web design has evolved throughout the years -hand in hand with graphic design – between 1991 and 2015.

Being at the forefront also means that there’s a rearguard: an area lagging behind, not evolving at the same pace -basically, a comfort zone where nobody wants to be. And to achieve that there’s only one thing to do: getting updated.

How can I get updated?

The freelancer life-style is one of the most hectic in the world of work. There are many things to do and probably you’ve faced a flood of projects more than once, keeping you busy during many weeks.

With all of this, you might not have the time or not be willing to spend several hours navigating the web to find out the latest trends.

Fortunately, some of the most important companies prepare reports, guidelines and collections, supported by sound statistical information you can check absolutely for free.

We set out to make a selection of the best inspirational and updating sources on design trends, and this was the result:

The Shutterstock guide 

Source: The Shutterstock guide

Shutterstock is one of the largest stock repositories of images, photographs, videos and music worldwide. With over 270 million files carefully categorized, they know well what is in and what is out. On its guide of creative trends you can find names, definitions, data and examples of the most popular visual styles.

Source: The Shutterstock guide

Adobe Top 5

Source: “Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2019” by Adobe

Adobe is the undisputed leader of the creative industry: with products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere and AfterEffects, among others, this is the main graphic creation tool provider. 

As such, they are also an authoritative source, well informed on the latest design trends that you can check in their report for 2019. 

Source: “Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2019” by Adobe

Behance Trend Guide

Source: Trend Guide by Behance

Behance is the best platform to find out and display portfolios of professionals from different industries, among them, graphic design.

We recommend that you dedicate a couple of hours to navigating their sites, where you can find incredibly beautiful content that will captivate you, but in case you don’t have the time availability, you can confine yourself to check the guide of trends, where the graphic design trends for this year are displayed on a very easy and well curated fashion.

Source: Trend Guide by Behance

The guide of guides for design 2019, by Real big words

Here you’ll find a calendar that is a must for designers, including five trend guides on web design and user experience. The webpage of this content agency is an excellent example of how to keep a site updated in terms of design. 

Source: The guide of guides for design 2019, by Real big words

Ready! There are no more excuses. Making the most of these tools might make the difference between speaking seriously with your client about visual styles or having a limited exchange to ask for a larger logo.

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