Keys to building a good profile

Have you ever wondered how important it is to build a good profile? In this post we will review the points to be taken into account when preparing your online resume. We don’t want to make an in-depth and academic analysis of the YES and NO, but rather something fun and agile that will be useful for you to know what the fundamental keys are when it comes to promoting yourself.


Let’s start with a fundamental premise: your profile must be as complete as possible and, above all, professional. The information must be presented in a simple, clear, precise and concise manner. Don’t spread yourself out in fancy or complicated phrases. Go directly to the concrete and relevant.

Your profile must be unique, it must differentiate you and it must BE CONVINCING. Remember: this premise should be your guide for all the sections you develop in your profile. With this in mind, let’s look at the rest of the points to consider.


The language you use should be 100% professional, and avoid abbreviations, technical terminology or jargon. Very important: check spelling and grammar. Make sure the text is impeccable. This can be taken for granted but many times mistakes of this kind are still seen even in highly trained professionals with years of experience.

Profile photo

Another important issue is the profile picture: once again, make sure it is absolutely professional. A picture of your smiling face is ideal.  Discard informal, childish or poor quality photos.


Your goal is to convince, so if you have the opportunity to give a brief description of your profile we suggest you explain in detail why you are the right candidate for this type of project and what are your essential contributions based on your training and experience. Analyze what makes you different and position yourself from there.


On the other hand, it is essential that you specify your Professional Objective, that is, where you want to go, what your professional expectations are, what you expect from the position or from your future client. So you’ll be defining your personal motivation.


When describing your Professional Experience, try not only to cite your career in companies or institutions, but also internships, volunteer work or special projects. It is key that you highlight what your achievements or contributions were for each specific case.

In general, we recommend that you cite only the most recent or relevant experiences, but everything will depend on the type of position you are seeking and the extent to which this practice can contribute. Always provide accurate and honest data, and apply for the projects you are really qualified for.”Truth will out” also applies to these cases.


List all degrees, even tertiary or those you have not completed. In terms of training, it all adds up. It is also important to include the achievements you have made during your professional years, i.e. awards, certificates, customer testimonials, and any other outstanding results.

Regarding specific knowledge such as languages, computer training or special skills, highlight the information (and be as specific as necessary) according to the type of project you are applying for (if you are a Programmer you will surely highlight your computer skills in detail. It will be different if you are positioning yourself as a Professional Translator, where you will be more specific in terms of certificates or training related to translations).


Another point that adds up a lot when you complete your profile is to include previous work, which is commonly referred to as a Professional Portfolio. It is a very practical way to showcase your skills and the quality of your work.  If you have the possibility of complementing your profile by adding these examples, do not hesitate.


Always make sure your profile is attractive. Don’t forget that, one way or another, you are promoting yourself to your future client. Express yourself in the best possible way, taking these tips into account.

Remember: professionalism first and foremost. The equation is simple: the better your profile, the more likely you are to be hired ?

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