Workana proudly presents: Workana Store, your freelas’ store!

Workana proudly presents: Workana Store, your freelas’ store!

Now at Workana it is possible to purchase and offer pre-defined packages of services ranging from the creation of an e-commerce site to content on a wide range of topics.

We, the Workana team, are happy to introduce a new feature that promises to make it easier to hire freelancers on the platform: Workana Store!

The new tool works as a shop, where you as a freelancer can offer packages of services created by you (“Freelas”), from the predetermined details of the work, delivery times to the format of the files so that companies can choose those that best suit their needs.

So, what makes Workana different from Workana Store?

For freelancers, the main advantage is to increase the visibility of their work and offer packages of services according to their main skills and affinities, as if they were a product.

In addition, it facilitates the negotiation process and gives the professional the power to define all the details of the Freela, without having to send bids. The client chooses the package of services offered and the professional already knows exactly what to deliver.

Did you like it? Then find out how to create your Freela in Workana Store with this step-by-step guide:

Publishing your Freelas in Workana Store in just 3 steps

First, log in to your Workana account and click on the “Store” menu, next to the Workana logo (at the top left of the page). Then, click on  “create Freela”.


Now, we’re taking it one step at a time:

Step 1:

In this first part, you must enter the information you want to be displayed in your Freela and in the Workana Store search engine. You will indicate: Name, Description of the Freela and an accompanying image.

The information should be simple and straightforward so that it can be quickly understood by clients.

Also, if possible, the image chosen should be one of the works in your portfolio, the one that shows all your talent. This image can make the difference when choosing between your Freela and another freelancer’s image.

As noted above, you can see a thumbnail version of your Freela’s format when it is already published in the Workana Store catalogue. Keep this format in mind when entering your Freela’s information.

Tip: Less is more! Use keywords that define your Freela well and what your client will receive when buying it and avoid long descriptions.

Step 2:

In this second step, you will be able to create Plans for your Freela, that is to say, pre-defined service packages that will be offered as products. Up to 3 Plans are allowed: Basic, Standard and Premium.

All packages must be well specified. Each of them will have its characteristics clearly described, including information on delivery terms (such as delivery details, file format, etc.) and price.

Step 3:

In the last stage, you will be able to explain in more detail what your Freela is all about, what skills you will need to develop it, what your requirements are to start the work (such as the client’s content and company information), plus details about the delivery of the Freela (i.e. what type of file you will deliver when you finish the Freela) and finally, you will need to add the main image of your Freela.

In this last step, even if more details about the service are needed, it is very important to be clear and that the information is very direct so that customers can easily understand what you are offering.

Remember that at Workana Store, your work is a product and the more the customer is aware of the need, the more likely it is that you will have a Freela product sold in our Store. ?

Once your Freela is published, it must be approved by Workana‘s moderation team and only then will it be published on the web. If the publication is not authorised, you will receive an email informing you of the reasons for the refusal.

And if you think this post is over… No, it’s not over yet! ?

Check out these tips on how to sell more Freelas at Workana Store:

1- Be as specific as possible

In Workana Store you can create various types and styles of Freelas. In the case of a Freela logo, you will have options such as Pharmacy Logo, Shoe Store Logo, Vintage Logo, Modern Logo for IT companies. In short, you will be able to create Freelas for everything you want to work with and for everything you do better.

2- Offer only what you can really do and in a competitive way

Use this to your advantage!

Give details about the work to be done and specify how you like to work. This way, the customer who buys your Freela will be accepting your “product” as it is, and delivering it exactly as you specified, so everything will be to your liking and your way. In return, you must offer the best possible result to your client.

Remember that your Freela must also be “commercial”, as you will be sharing the catalogue with other professionals’ Freelas. Choose well the image that will be published, create a good, cohesive and attractive text, check it for spelling mistakes, and above all check the characteristics of your Freela, because the final delivery must contain exactly what was described in the ad.

3- Choose well the types of packs you are going to sell.

The choice between Basic, Standard and Premium packs should not be so easy. You must take into account the level of competitiveness of the other freelancers, that is, the better your Freela and your delivery conditions, the more competitive you will be against the Freelas of other professionals.

4- Enter your skills

The skills put in your Freela are not only for the client to understand your work, they also serve to filter Workana Store searches, that is, according to your skills, clients will find your Freela in the Catalogue.

Therefore, always take a few minutes to write down the skills used in each Freela correctly.

5- Meet your deadlines.

Tu Freela was totally designed and created by you, both the details of the service and the delivery conditions and the deadline. Therefore, delays are not acceptable. Be clear about the time you will need to develop the work, and add more hours or days to this deadline so that the setbacks are overcome without affecting the delivery of the Freela.

One last tip…

At Workana we already have approximately 800,000 users, including clients and freelancers. Professionals, entrepreneurs and businesspeople from all over Latin America who are looking for growth and development, and once your Freelas are published in Workana Store, they will be seen by these thousands of users.

Is there anything else that needs to be said?

What are you waiting for!? Publish your Freela on Workana Store today!

And if you are a client, you can access the Workana Store catalogue and buy your Freelas!

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