Workana was awarded as one of the “30 Promises” from Forbes Argentina

We are very happy because we’ve been selected as one of the 30 promises 2018 from Forbes Argentina 🙂

It is always an honor to receive an award. It makes us very happy because it’s a recognition that we are doing things well, not only for us, but for all of you, our users 🙂

From Forbes they presented the prize winners with these words:

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“These are the 30 Argentinian entrepreneurs who dazzles this year and promise to continue doing so in the future with their ideas, innovations and disruptive ways of doing and thinking business.”

The selection of the 30 promises fell on a jury convened by FORBES Argentina that evaluated their cases according to their market, degree of innovation, scale and entrepreneurial initiative.

Alex Milberg, Director & Publisher from Forbes Argentina, described what this award represents for them:

“At FORBES we believe in the adventure of doing business. We believe in creative, tenacious, responsible and brave entrepreneurs. In honest entrepreneurs who allow to revert negative prejudices as seen in society in order to inspire, to appeal to one’s emotions and to dream with another possible Argentina. In short, so that these 30 PROMISES ─and many others─ may soon be part of our reality.”

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We share the webpage they dedicated to us in their publication, you can meet the rest of the winners here:

“At Workana they believe that everyone should be able to have the possibility to access projects without the need of moving.”

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Guillermo Bracciaforte


6 years ago, Guillermo and his friends founded this freelance and remote work marketplace. “Any work that can be done from a computer and delivered over the Internet can be done through us”, he says. At Workana they believe that everyone should be able to have the possibility to access projects without the need of moving or being physically in an office. And, at the same time, companies should be able to expand their pool of talents even further to those within the 10 km from where they are located. “We are pushing a technological and a cultural change”, he assures.


At Workana we believe in what we do and we support the revolution that is taking place in the world of work. Receiving this type of award indicates us that we are on the right track. And, as we always say: thank you so much, to all of Workana’s Community, because without you we would not be here at all.

We will meet again soon with more news,



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