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I would like to develop a project on a platform accessible by browser, where it can be used at the entrance of a nightclub to control people's access, scanning a document and taking a selfie, thus maintaining a legal database, in case there is an accident or fight. Within the establishment.
You can also add blacklist flags, so that the person who returns to the event on another day is alerted to the security guards when checking the document.
Information to be collected via OCR through a scanner,
Photo of the person on the document:
Collected through a webcam,

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Apps programming. Android, iOS and others
What is the scope of the project?: Create a new app
Is this a project or a position?: Project
I currently have: I have an idea
Required availability: As needed
Required platforms: Other, Android, iPhone, iPad
I need to: Create an app
App type: Management - Management application (appointments, product stock, etc.)
Similar apps: Other
Back-end is required: Yes
Payment gateway: No

USD 500 - 1,000