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(I speak spanish and English so let me know)
Hi there,

I need the development of a simple app with this information.
*The app needs to create projects and asign widgets to them
*Projects have a name and a collection of widgets
*Widgets have a name and an image. Both must be set up vía database.
*The list of available widgets must be retrived from the server
*Projects and widgets assigned to them must be saved and retrived from the server
*Widgets can be removed from a project, so a button must be added
*Projects can be deleted through the configuration panel
*Project name can be changed on the configuration screen
*Login is not required for now, so you can identify different users by a designed user ID
*The app must connect to the server to retrive and save all information

Screen 1
- "+" Button leads to new project screen. By default the name of the project is "Project"
- Left "burguer" menu shows menu (Screen 2)
- Clicking on a project name loads the information related to that project. It's Screen 3 but with content.

Screen 2
- Projects button leads to Project List / Home
- The rest of the buttons must exist but don't need behaviour

Screen 3
- It shows the list of widgets assigned to that project. The list must include the image and the title of the widget. If the project is new no widgets will appear
- If you click on add you will be taken to Screen 4
- By clicking on the tabs you move to screens 5 and 6

Screen 4
- The list of available widgets must be retrived from server, which are for now an image and a title
- By clicking on them you will add it to the project, so you will be taken to Screen 3, now seeing the added widget showed in the list.
- Widget name and image are simple added from server, no modifications are done except manually via database

Screen 5
- It allows you to change Project name and delete it
- Before deleting it an alert should appear. If it is confirmed the project should be removed from server

Screen 6
- This screen does not do anything for now

This is an invision workflow so you can understand what I need
The screens and workflow is based on app, so you can download it and take a look in your cellphone. Screens of the project are also attached

*Ionic (latest version) using the default theme for now. No design needed.
*NodeJS framework for the server, the used technologies must be described
*MongoDB for the database

Categoría: IT & Programación
Subcategoría: Programación para móviles
¿Cuál es el alcance del proyecto?: Cambio mediano
Es un proyecto o una posición?: Un proyecto
Actualmente tengo: Tengo las especificaciones
Disponibilidad requerida: Según se necesite
Plataformas requeridas: Android
Necesito: Crear una app
Tipo de app: Juego
Necesita backend:
Procesador de pago: No
Habilidades requeridas: