The evolution of work begins with people and their culture

Every day we are transforming our view of work to make it coherent with the lifestyle we want.

Workana Enterprise

What do we do?

We are the largest freelance and remote work platform in Latin America, setting a global precedent with a strong presence in Southeast Asia. Since 2012, we have been revolutionizing the world of work with our approach.

More than 600K entrepreneurs, companies, startups, and more find talent on Workana to move their professional projects forward. Meanwhile, we are helping 3 million freelancers develop their professional careers independently.


We are hybrids, itinerant and diverse

60% of the Workana team works remotely. 100% work autonomously.


The purpose that unites us

We work tirelessly to transform the world of work promoting autonomy, talent development, and equal opportunities for all, from anywhere in the world.

Our values


We are part of a bigger picture. So, we share information, recognize our mistakes, and get to know ourselves well in order to give our best.


We proactively decide where to demonstrate our talent and how to do it. We become the boss of the tasks we prioritize.


We love what we do. We work, share, and live Workana's mission—which is why we always want to do more, and do it better.


We don't fear change. We don't go through a crisis when change happens: we recognize the challenges and turn them into opportunities.


Keep doing the same thing? No, thank you. We look for creative alternatives that will get the best results. Learning is a constant.


We value sincerity, direct communcation, and feedback. There is room for defending ideas in the place where other's ideas are also heard.


We are relaxed (and even politically incorrect) but we always approach others with respect: there is a time and a place for everything.

We are an innovative organization that seeks to empower people's work life, while positively impacting their personal, family, and social life.

We believe that work has a new definition:

+ Agile

+ Valuable

+ Productive

Are you on board with this idea?

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