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"indico o Ronaldo.. profissional atendeu minhas exigências.. e concluiu o projeto de acordo com o combinado."

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About me
Full stack developer with good programming knowledge and solid experience in web development, experience acquired in more than 8 years working on varied projects , using Ruby as the main programming language.

Focus on the quality of deliveries and always seeking continuous improvement through the practice of Code Review, Coding Dojos, TDD, BDD and study of new technologies.

Good interpersonal relationship, leading the team of projects involved with high commitment and teamwork, always providing the dissemination of knowledge. Ease of adapting to new situations and facing new challenges.

Expertise in web development and programming languages such as Ruby, Python, PHP, Java; Database PostgreSql, MySql, Oracle and MongoDb; SCRUM methodology, MVC, SOA and REST architecture standards; Framework Ruby On Rails, Sinatra and CakePHP, HTML 5, frontend libraries (AngularJS, Bootstrap, ExtJS).
Work history
*THOMSON REUTERS - Consultant (current):
Developing UI Automation Test; Implementation of development UI process, GitFlow, Continuous Integration with Jenkins; Training of team about 40 people; Using Java, Junit, Selenium, Cucumber, Calabash, Appium, Ruby and Python.

* CI&T - Software Architect (2015 until 2016):
Acting as a software architect and developer in the internal project evolution team for the Walmart customer, focused on the Supply Chain and Order Tracking of its E-commerce, using Ruby as the main programming language.

* FIBERWORK - Software Architect and Engineer (2009-2014):
Acting as software architect and engineer in the development of a suite of products for the branch of Monitoring and Inventory of Optical Networks for Telecommunication Market using Ruby, PHP, Cake PHP, Java, Python, Google Maps API and full stack for web and hardware development.

* Dextra - Software Engineer (2007-2009):
Web development of a platform for Human Resources Management and a tool for Project Management.

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