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Php: Converter feed das principais redes sociais em Json ( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube )

Freelancer Jean C. D. Jean C. D. 29 days ago

"Excelente profissional! Muito eficiente no que se propõem, pegou a ideia do projeto rapidamente. Fez todo o trabalho em um final de semana enquanto outros descansaria. Recomendo."


About me
Software Engineer with 20+ years working experience. I have a bachelor degree on Computer Engineering from Unicamp university, and Master on Computer Science from IME-USP. Now specialized in frontend javascript/html/css, and backend Node.js. I have completed several projects on software development (C, Node.js, Javacsript) and web applications (Node.js, Vue.js, Javascript, ASP.Net)
Work history
Worked for 4+ years with a software engineering company, working with systems project and development in C, Visual Basic, Dot Net (ASP, VB). Have dealt with the following technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, TCP/IP, Windows API. Main clients include payment systems like Cielo, Rede, Visa, POS suppliers, among others. Have worked with web frontend, interface project and design, icons and graphics. Have developed several freelance projects including webshop in PHP/Woocommerce, websites in PHP/Javascript, full stack web application in ASP.Net/MySQL, full stack web application in Node.js/Vue.js/MongoDB, among others.
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