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About me
I am well-trained in the art of academic writing, creative writing and content creation. In short, I am a versatile, proven writer who is able to adapt to different sets of targets and objectives.

Having 7 years of experience behind me, my writings has been published in academic works, newspapers, magazines and online portals. I am also adept in designing websites, which falls under my responsibility in the project I am currently involved in. Being hands-on in design and content creation in my own project gives me a better perspective on how to maximise reachability of your businesses.

I read voraciously and write diligently. Passionate in learning history, economics, and politics. I have excellent proficiency in Malay and English and am able to do translation involving both languages.
Work history
1.  Nusantara Audiobooks, Strategy & Operations (2017-present)
•     Kickstarted planning in 2016 and launched first version of platform in 2017. Now with 70 titles in 3 languages, we have acquired close to 5,000 registered users on the platform.
•    Took personal responsibility to manage social media content, newsletter and website design.
•    Establish and maintain networks across publishers and institutions in KL and Jakarta to expand and improve content delivery and distribution.

2. Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, Research Analyst/Scholar (2016-2018)
•    One of the four contributing authors to Minister of Finance Incorporated: Ownership and Control of Corporate Malaysia (2018); the academic book is a best-seller.
•    Written a policy paper on the ownership and control of state-level government-linked companies in Malaysia; published by IDEAS in September 2018.
•    Wrote an opinion piece on The Edge in April 2018 entitled “State Governments in Business”.

3. Penang Institute, Research Analyst/Content Writer (2015-2016)
•    Conducted research on selected issues concerning higher education, child abuse and Acehnese history.
•    Wrote research articles for Penang Monthly magazine such as histories of Penang Development Corporation, Penang Football Association and Malay women activism.
•    Drafted speeches occasionally for Member of Parliaments

1) Ministry of Finance Incorporated: Ownership and Control of Corporate Malaysia (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)                                       

2) Letters to Home: Young Malaysians Write Back! (Matahari Books, 2015)

1) State Governments in Business and the Changing Forms of Intervention (The Edge Newspaper, Apr 2018)

2) PDC-Making Penang Lead (Penang Monthly, Aug 2016)

3) The Panthers are Back! (Penang Monthly, Apr 2016)

4) Awas! The Organizing of Radical Malay Women Penang Monthly, Mar 2016)

5) Sow Dissent, Harvest Freedom (Penang Monthly, Dec 2015)             


1) 1978: Turning PAS into the Party of God (The Malaysian Insider, 2015)
2) PBMUM: The Rising Malay Tide (Malaysia Today, 2015)

3) Lee Kuan Yew: Forever a Singaporean, Once a Malaysian (The Malaysian Insider, 2015)


1) Hidup Bersama Dalam Kepelbagaian: Islam dan Budaya Damai (Siddiq Fadzil, Institut Darul Ehsan, 2018)

2) A Concise History of Brazil (Editor) (Boris Fausto, Cambridge University Press,1999)

3) Ibn Khaldun: Biografi Intelektual dan Pemikiran Sang Pelopor Sosiologi (In Progress) (Syed Farid Alatas, Al-Mizan, 2016)


1)Before GE14 (Jomo KS, SIRD, 2018)

2)Bersih Movement and Democratization in Malaysia: Repression, Dissent and Opportunities (Khoo Ying Hooi, SIRD ,2019)