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Writing is a way of making the most of my life.

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About me
As a person who has had a problem with settling down to one thing, I have developed a vibrant past experience.

My liking towards storytelling grew at a young age of 14 and further helped me grow from a storyteller, to a poet then a blogger and then finally a professional writer. Growing up surrounded in words, I have an experience of 4 years in professional content writing and other forms of it. As of March 2019, I have 2 published anthologies and a short novel of my own shining as medals of honor on my shelf and have delivered various writing projects to 6 happy clients in past year.

In late 2016, when I joined an engineering college to pursue a bachelor in the field of I.T, it instigated in me the interest of website development. The direct result of my sole hard work in web designing and SEO management can be seen on my very own website - The Honest Fabler. ( ) In the later years of my under graduation, I have developed 2 E-commerce websites and have reached the #1 rank on every Search Engine Result for The Honest Fabler.

In retrospect, I believe that my interest in these vivid fields, help me master them faster as compared to a normal speed. This, of course, does not bother my determination to any individual project as when I focus on one goal my mind stays stuck on it until I have successfully finished it.

Hope your experience with me stays the same as mentioned.
Work history
I have worked at Data Natives X as a Production and Media intern where I was awarded the opportunity to initiate my hobby professionally.
Following the internship, I have worked on several writing assignments for various blogs and writing firms. Namely Buzzorial and The Honest Fabler. ( )
I achieved the post of Editor-in-Chief for 2017 and 2018 Edition of my University Magazine and the leader of the Literature Club for AY 2017-2019.