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Freelancer Maico P.

Malaysia Maico P. 5 months ago

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Freelancer I L. C.

"The topic that we've asked Lu Yin to work on was something relatively new to her. She took some time to research on the topics and needed more time to write the articles. Factual information writing, need more attention-grabbing leads to draw readers in."

Singapore I L. C. 5 months ago

Wai Lu Yin - Copywriting for social media and article writing

Freelancer Maico P.

Malaysia Maico P. 7 months ago

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Freelancer Yuya S.

"She is professional indeed"

Malaysia Yuya S. 7 months ago

Wai Lu Yin - Japanese Food&Travel Contents for Muslim

About me
Writing articles (reviews, news, and features) about culture, travel, and lifestyle for websites (Viu, The Culture Trip, SumGyeoJin Gem, and Easternkicks). Have broad knowledge about culture and taking the initiative to learn more. Core capabilities are writing coverages and communicate with culture professionals to talk about culture to be shared across the world.

Had previous experiences and working in journalism, advertising, public relations, social media, events, and music. Possess good understanding and sound knowledge of media, culture, events, marketing, and research. Aim to work in a challenging and learning environment where I can utilize my relevant experience and interpersonal skills to the fullest in the advertising, publishing and cultural sector. In previous studies, had various disciplines of marketing, media, public relations, and events.
Work history
* SumGyeoJin Gem [from 8/2013]: The website's aim is to promote other aspects of Korean culture to the readers to know more that there is more than just K-pop and PSY. (https://www.sumgyeojingem.com)
•    Writing articles: Finding relevant resources and networking with people to get in-depth knowledge about Korean culture; writing and editing articles and promoting them to wider audiences
•    Managing interviews: Arranging, recording, and transcribing the interviews before posting on the websites

* easternKicks [from 9/2015] (https://www.easternkicks.com/author/luyin):
  •    Writing news articles – Writing weekly daily news-roundup and major news based on finding relevant resources to provide updates about the Asian film industries
•    Writing film reviews and interviews – Watching Asian films and writing critical reviews; arranging and transcribing the interviews with Asian film industry professionals

* Vulcan Post [from 5/2019 to 6/2019] (https://vulcanpost.com/author/luyinwai/):
- Writing articles about entrepreneurship, SMEs and digital lifestyle

* Viu Malaysia [from 10/2017 to 10/2018] (https://www.viu.com/ott/my/articles/author/luyin-wai/):
•    Writing and publishing articles: Writing listicles and features about Asian films, dramas, and varieties including celebrities, partnerships, and related brands
•    SEO Marketing: Writing descriptions for shows and website pages; adding the right keywords, focus keyword, and meta descriptions to ensure the website to be in the top searches.

* Culture Trip - Freelance Malaysia Hub Writer [from 08/2017 to 11/2017] (https://theculturetrip.com/authors/luyin-wai/):
•    Writing articles: Writing listicles and features, published on the website which is visited by international readers, about culture and lifestyle in Malaysia