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A. M.

Interprete/Traductor de inglés y español

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About me
Passionate for languages, biking, and traveling. I always try to be updated with technology in order to optimize the different jobs I do every day. I don't settle for less than excellent results, so I'm very self-demanding. I've had marvelous results working with translations, face-to-face interpretation, virtual assistance, community managing, marketing and project management.
Work history
Ruge Cultural Institute of Languages (from 2014 to 2018)
English Teacher: I fulfilled teaching labours to a wide pool of students amongst all ages. I used the institute's own methodology to teach English and Spanish throughout AV material. Besides that, I received a special induction to prepare students for the TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) test, explaining to them the structure of the test, the best approaches and how not to commit common mistakes.

Barana Seafood Processors LTD (2018 - 2019)
Distance and face-to-face interpreter: Deliverables included translating all the information and conversations between a seafood processing company in Trinidad and Tobago and their customers. Information translated goes from fish species to customs paperwork, and processing costs and fees.

SunCast Podcast (2019 - currently working there)
Communications Manager
Deliverables include being in charge of Community Management of LinkedIn and Twitter, creating surveys and forms, scheduling calls, editing Squarespace websites, drafting emails and responding to customers, and managing different CRM platforms.

eClass (2019 - currently working there)
English Professor
I'm in charge of teaching English to corporate clients in individual and group classes, using eClass English methodology.
Test Status
Test de inglés.