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Top 8 experts in Java

Pro Esteban H.

Estados Unidos

Proyectos en Java: 0 Proyectos completados: 4

Hourly rate:

USD 10.00

Pro oscar cisneros


Proyectos en Java: 1 Proyectos completados: 7

Hourly rate:

USD 50.00

Pro Leonardo Silva


Proyectos en Java: 0 Proyectos completados: 34

Hourly rate:

USD 5.37

Pro Eduardo P. C.


Proyectos en Java: 2 Proyectos completados: 8

Hourly rate:


Pro Rodrigo P.


Proyectos en Java: 0 Proyectos completados: 4

Hourly rate:

USD 25.68

Pro Joel L.


Proyectos en Java: 0 Proyectos completados: 10

Hourly rate:

USD 9.05
What is Java and what is it for?

{:boldStart}Java is a programming language widely used in the world.{:boldEnd} It is a technology that is used to make programs, mobile applications, games and web pages.

The Java programming language is one of the fastest growing. {:boldStart}Its popularity is growing day by day.{:boldEnd}.This is due in large part to its portability, its robustness and, of course, the support that the computer industry has given it.

For these reasons, Java programmers are increasingly on demand. And if you need one, the best option is to hire a freelancer.

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