How does
an hourly project work in Workana?

Ideal for working long term with freelancers

Step 1:

Post an hourly project and start receiving bids

In Workana you will find freelancers that will help you update your web, design your logo, program your mobile app, write articles and a lot more.

  • Describe what you need

    Create a project and indicate the type of professional that you’re looking for.

  • Choose an hourly project

    In the “Contract Type” section indicate that you want to pay the freelancer “by hours worked”, you can specify the amount you need per week. Within minutes you will be receiving bids from freelancers around the world.

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Step 2:

Contact freelancers and select the best fit

Choose the freelancer you want to work with and agree on the rates.

  • Review profiles

    Evaluate candidates by viewing their portfolios and ratings to get to know them better.

  • Chat in real time

    Contact freelancers and determine who the best fit is.

Step 3:

Link a payment method

When you select the freelancer you must specify the payment method you will be using regularly.

Authorize your credit card

This is the most practical way we found to avoid your payments to freelancers from failing.

Gradual payments

You only pay the hours you approve while the freelancer is developing the project.

Step 4:

The freelancer starts working

Communicate with the freelancer

Coordinate the details of the project with the freelancer for them to start working.

The freelancer logs the hours worked

You supervise that everything is okay. You have 7 days to check and approve the reported hours.

Monitore their work

Workana Time Report allows you to remotely monitor the freelancer’s performance.

Step 5:

Continue working with the freelancer

Ideal for long term relationships

Hourly projects facilitate recurrent work with the same freelancer.

Build a customized freelancer team

Hourly projects are ideal for incoporating many freelancers to your structure in a flexible manner.

Option for an immediate cancellation of the project

Remember that you can cancel the project whenever you decide to.

Are you ready to post your hourly project?

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Still have questions?

It's simple, safe and practical. Register for free and create a project indicating the work you require. Interested freelancers will send you their proposals and rates. Choose the one that best suits your needs and accept their proposal. You make a guarantee payment and freelancers will do the work. When it is delivered to you, you qualify them and they will receive the money. For more details, see above :)
We developed a very dynamic and intuitive process. Basically, you have to choose the category you need a freelancer from, describe the tasks to be performed and determine the budget you have. You can find out in detail how to post a project in Workana by clicking here.
Workana gives you access to freelancers in all the areas a business needs to address: IT & Programming, Online Advertising and Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Sales, Social Media, Customer Care, Writing, Translation, and many more. Click this link to find freelancers.
Yes, they are reliable. One of the pillars of Workana is transparency, that's why you can see the profiles of all our freelancers to know their skills, the work they have done, see their portfolios and read the opinions left by clients who have already worked with them. In addition, before selecting one you will be able to chat with them to get to know them in depth and decide the one for sure. Our goal is for you to find your trusted freelancers and establish long-term relationships with them.
In Workana you have two options: You can hire freelancers for a fixed-price project or by the hour. You choose the system that best suits your objectives.
At Workana we offer you a wide variety of payment methods depending on the country you are in. Get to know them in detail here.
Workana gives you the guarantee that if freelancers don't do the job you've asked them to do, you'll get your money back.
At Workana you can work with as many freelancers as you want. There is no limit.
Registering in Workana, creating projects, receiving bids and chatting with freelancers is free. However, in case there is a hire you will have to pay a "service cost"
Use our Workana App for Android to stay in touch with the freelancer. For more information and download, visit Google Play.