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A script to support a fleet of machines

Published on the February 20, 2020 in IT & Programming

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The script for operating the fleet of machines, e.g. In a construction company, works by adding the purchased machine to the base and keeping the entire machine usage history on the given machine, i.e. Basic data (model, brand, year, purchase information, certificates), data on service work on a given machine, rental information, insurance information and leasing data, and after sale moving the machine to a separate group.

Adding a new machine requires consideration of parameters such as the group to which the machine belongs, basic information - mileage, department, brand model, year, unique serial number, supplier, date of purchase, equipment at purchase, machine status, purchase price, currency, course, shipping cost, leasing, dates, invoice number. Information on established safeguards. Possibility to attach photos and certificates as well as other attachments.

A separate section on renting, where you will find information about the lessor, initial and final mileage, dates of rent. This part must be as rental history of the machine.

A separate section for repairs carried out on the machine, i.e. Replaced parts, sum of material costs and labor date of repairs. Information on periodic maintenance inspections, e.g. Filter and oil change dates, together with setting reminders or a separate report.

Fields regarding the sale of a given machine, e.g. Price to be issued, potential customer and field with any arrangements regarding Sales, date of sale and document number.

A separate section with information on insurance and leasing.

Reports in the system regarding Upcoming cyclical reviews, ending leasing contracts and insurance.

Users in the system with different access rights to view and edit fields. In principle, it is possible to block or assign each field to a particular user.

A separate tab for renting equipment for machines. Equipment rental field, where each added equipment has its own history, i.e. Contractors, date of rent, amount.

Simple search engine, sorted fields.

Script secured use license.

Detailed information:
App for operating a fleet of machines

[MACHINES] -> (Table)

    Machine browsing
    Basic information
    purchase information
    service work carried out on the machine
    and after sale moving the machine to a separate group

[ADD] -> (Extended form)

    Adding a new machine
    group to which the machine belongs
    basic information
    unique serial number
    date of purchase
    equipment when buying
    machine status
    purchase price
    shipping cost
    the date
    invoice number
    information on established safeguards
    the ability to attach photos and certificates and other attachments

[for rent] -> (form)

    separate rental section
    information about the landlord
    initial and final waveforms
    rental dates
    rental history of the machine

[repair] -> (form)

    a separate heading for repairs carried out on the machine
    replaced parts
    sum of material and labor costs
    dates of repairs
    information on periodic maintenance inspections
    filter replacement dates
    and oils
    along with setting reminders
    or a separate report

[sale] -> (form)

    fields regarding the sale of the machine
    price to issue
    potential client
    and a field with possible sales arrangements
    sale date
    and document number

[insurance] -> (table)

    separate box
    with information on insurance

[leasing] -> (table)

    separate box
    and leasing

[reports] -> (tables)

    reports in the system
    about upcoming cyclical reviews
    ending leasing and insurance contracts

[administration panel] -> (table)

    users in the system
    with different access rights to display and edit fields
    the ability to block or assign each field to a particular user

[accessories] -> (table)

    a separate tab for renting equipment for machines
    equipment rental field, where each added equipment has its own history of contractors, date of rent, amount.

Side menu of the application (each action displays the appropriate table with data or displays the form for entering data):

    [administration panel]

in addition, i propose such a convention that you can go to [rent], [repair], [sale], [insurance], [leasing] for each specific machine / equipment from each machine and equipment level.

Each table will be
- paged (displayed n values ​​on one page)
- had filters to search by the indicated field and the specified value
- had the ability to sort by the fields indicated

Each form will:
- equipped with field validation under established rules
- where possible, equipped with fields with previously exported values.

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JavaScript MySQL PHP API CSS HTML5 Responsive Web Design

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