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I’m a qualified English and Spanish teacher with over 17 years of experience working in schools and translating documents as well as working as an interpreter at workshops and language conventions.... + details
Hello, We are looking for a localization agency than can help us translating small batches from english to different target languages. We are interested in establishing a long-lasting partnership... + details
Need a translation from Chinese to English for a marriage document issued by Chinese gov for immigration purpose. So, the signature, name of the translator and date is needed from the translator. + details
I am capable of speaking all languages, can translate to any language, speaking and translating all languages ​​to Vassid I find it easy + details
The whole project would be to translate around 120 biomedical abstracts (scientific writing) from English to Brazilian Portuguese. Since this is for a research project, translations cannot be lever... + details
Hello. I need translate a book from english to chinese for up to Amazon. The book have 209 pages. I need in 35 days maximum.. you are interest? + details

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