Workana Time Report

Hire a freelancer by the hour and monitor every minute of their work.

  • Create an hourly project on Workana.
  • Determine an hourly fee with the freelancer.
  • Monitor their work and control the time dedicated to each task through the reports sent by Workana Time Report.

Workana Time Report gives you greater visibility and control over the work done by a freelancer on your hourly projects.

The freelancer installs the app

Ask your freelancer to install the application on their computer. Once it’s installed, they must log into their Workana account, using their username and password.

Time Report will report the work and time dedicated to each task

They must choose the project and detail the task they will work on. When clicking on 'GO', Time Report will track the time and take screenshots of their work. They can stop the time tracking momentarily or finish the task and move on to another task or project.

Monitor their work

You can view tasks and hours reported through Time Report by your freelancer on your work journal for the project, on your Workana account. The reports on Worked Hours will show an additional column with an eye symbol. When clicking on the eye, you will be able to view all screenshots taken during that specific task.