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Director Creativo at Barbosah Creative Solutions

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Branding Motion Graphics Diseño Web

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Producer and Creative for Hire.

My Skills blend knowledge over multimedia design, which I take further through the experience of a producer and the training of a filmmaker. My Specialty: Creative Production.

Design Skills & Knowledge + Producer's Experience + Filmmaking and Photography Training = Creative Producer.

I can develop an idea, create a script, develop, research and design your Content for the Media of your choice: Printed, Web, Digital, Video or Film.

My Studio

Barbosah Creative Solutions

Developed as a virtual studio concept, our company started in 2010 as a web of creative design international visual artists and design talents for hire. In the past year it has been growing and I'll push it into a full fleshed Creative Studio; our intent is to deliver great force to your visuals while keeping budgets on sight. We plan to be your only source of creative media.

We are media artists teamed up to provide Creative Solutions in Design, Production, Post-production, Title Design, Character Design, Archictectural Visualization, Photography, Video and Film Production. Barbosah Creative Solutions, we are the new Creative Force in town.

I am looking to develop long-term relationships with people, business, enterprises and corporatives that are in the constant search for quality and rich content. My primary focus is to develop GREAT ideas into EXCELLENT material.

Even though quality comes with price. I am open to contractual relationships for fixed prices.

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* Barbosah Creative Solutions: Creative Director and Founder

We provide Creative Solutions in Design, Animation, Film, Audio and Video Production and Postproduction.

* CheeWee Studio: As a Creative Director I am in charge of this company. We do Graphic Design and Motion Graphics for Film, TV and Media projects.