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Freelancer experto en Marketing Digital y Ventas

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I have 5+ years experience in each of following fields:
1. freelance rent-able properties and hotels booking manager.
I have experience of and expert with following platforms:
2. I am an eBay, Amazon ad all eCommers Stores expert as in terms of online store management, sales optimization, research, customers service, listing products, photo editing, ads designing, template designing and all aspects of eCommerce.
3. I also specialize in social media marketing and digital marketing.
I know all elements including creative and administrative for Social Media and Digital marketing through Web and Mobile.
What we can do free and what we can gain with the paid digital marketing.
The actual purpose of any kind of marketing is to make our message/ad reach to the maximum and the most targeted audience in minimum budget, that is what I design the marketing strategy for according to resources available and nature of product or services we are selling.

One can reach me through inbox and ask me anything related to my work.
Historia laboral
* The Green Magic: The Green Magic
leads the clients on their ideal digital transformation journey, providing innovative advanced-generation technology solutions and services that leverage deep industry expertise, global scale, technology independence and an extensive partner community.
We deal in Mobile Applications & Games, Web Applications and Portals, Desktop Application, Social Media Services, Digital Designing and Animation, Digital Marketing, Audio and Video (Pre/Post) Productions, Documentary and Package Production, Creative Contents Services.

* Jolta Technologies (Computer Software): We have developed  100% Ad FREE Android Appstore having wonderful Apps and Games in more than 10 Categories. Our App Stores have special categories of VR (Virtual Reality) and Islamic Apps.
Our App Stores have successfully integrated with DU UAE and Voda Fhone (TELSIM) Cyprus. Mobilink is also going to Launch our App Store as value added subscription based service in Pakistan.
Considering the scope and VPN requirements, we have created our Servers on on Amazon Cloud with Virtual extend able and resize able server computing capacity and Virtual compatible routers and firewalls. We also have kept one of our physical Servers at Nayatel Data Center with Physical Cisco Routers as per requirement for establishing VPN between our Server and the Mobilink Server in Pakistan.
So I am looking after  this all.