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WHO I AM: My name is Gabriel Seabra, I am a veterinarian, lover of my profession and new challenges.


- Professional with specialization in bovines and particular attention in their reproductive and biotechnological practices, clinical and surgical practices on the field. I've got practice in rectal palpation and ultrasound use for diagnosis of pregnancy, and transfer of embryos in cattle. Knowledge of the physiology of bovine reproduction.

- Experience with Microsoft Office, on macOS and Windows systems, on Klipfolio data organization tools, Trello tasks organization, Intercom customer service, among other tools.

- Skills in administration and organization of teams, to learn new business, organized, proactive and responsible.


I've always looked for challenges, I joined the University at age 17 and from then on I never stopped perfecting myself personally and professionally. I did dozens of courses, did internships in several areas, I worked abroad (a personal and challenge dream) and graduated with a lot of experience and some job offers at hand.


- Knowledge: multiple courses and certifications, graduation in a reputed University.
- Focus: Results searcher, always sought the best goals.
- Hands on: Participant in projects

Letter of Recommendation: "He is a high achiever and we have no doubt he will succeed in anything he chooses to accomplish."

Connect with me here on Linkedin, send me an e-mail ( or call me +55 12 9 9668 0401.
Historia laboral
* Petmondo (Retail): At Petmondo I am responsible for the specialized veterinary care that we give our clients, I close the relationships with Veterinary partners and gather data from Google Analytics to better understand the results of all the actions performed by the team.

* Farms: Veterinary reproductive assistance on dairy and beef cattle farms. Services of pregnancy diagnosis in bovines, fetal sexing, artificial insemination of bovines, selection of embryo reception matrices and selection of oocyte donors. Use of ultrasound equipment for better diagnostic accuracy.