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7x7 Coworking we can give you a hand when it comes to improve the ways you can promote your product or services, using graphic design or audiovisual, but if you look to overcome the frontiers of your business we can also offer you translation and a variety of writing services in English and Spanish.

Our personalized methods of study and comprehension of your brand gives us the advantage on developing your projects and campaigns in a faster, creative and effective way. We want to be your ally over your seller.

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Historia laboral
Fratelli Campanale
Brother Campanale are chefs on demand service from Genova-Italy.
    Their food is typical from Italy, but they also serve international and molecular dishes. Their dishes have a lot of sophistication and that is why they needed and elegant and unique logo.
    I chose a fusion between a fork (is used for fine food, and they are three brothers), and the letter ‘C’ of the last name “Campanale”.
    Their interest was also having a wall of words that can mix with their logo. These words have relation with their culinary ideals and personal purposes (of course, all the words in Italian). In a kind of intrigue and hidden way the word “CUBE”. That is the next restaurant they want to open with a friend soon.
    The wall is used as a background each time a secret dinner is happening, with the purpose of positionate a word that is related to the event.

Beleza Consultorio Estético
Joana Braca is a highly experienced cosmiatra, she develop his own brand with a very specific idea and we did our best to deliver a unique logotype, manual brand and new ideas to communicate the very meaning of the brand. 

Freelance campaigns
7x7 Coworking has worked on a variety of social network campaigns for important brands all over the world, from static ads to high quality animated videos.
Some of those brands are Nike, Movistar.mx, Tigo, Playtika, MasterCard, Fiverr, McAfee and others.