Derek C. freelancer experto en Ilustración, Adobe Illustrator, Edición de vídeo, Computer Graphics, Adobe After Effects, Animación, Diseño Gráfico, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Data Entry, Motion Graphics

Derek C.

Design & IT

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Historia laboral
o      Doing QC for various channels. Creating graphics templates for channel bugs as well as crawlers.
o    Editing for corporate events.
o    Transcoding & encoding of video
o    Laying various languages audio onto different tracks,
o    Editing and burn to DVD,
o    S&P editing
o    Subtitles embedding.
o      Editing and censorship
o    Designed and developed
o    On-Air Promos,
o    Screenwalkers,
o    Interstitials,idents,
o    Menus,
o    Next
o    Storyboards to assist shoots.
o    Designed & reversioning programme titles in various languages
o    Rotoscoping, wire-removal and compositing video work
o      Infographics for current affairs, documentary and variety shows. 
o    Create and animate variety show opener. 
o    Create graphics for TV News bulletins.
o      Designed logos, brochures, leaflets and advertisements.