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Active Directory Java WebLogic Oracle MongoDB

Sobre mí
Binnaris IT Consulting SA is born in 2009 as a Information Technology corporation dedicated to improve client’s business from a technologic perspective.

We specialize in structural IT solutions:

—We design, generate and implement quick, efficient and scalable IT solutions in function of our clients requirements.
—We utilize extensively proven and efficiency known technologies.
—We have a professional team with solid knowledge of design, development, and implementation of IT systems.
—We provide IT solutions for national and international enterprises.

Our target is to generate integral solutions based in the multiple requirements of our clients
Historia laboral
Relevant Projects

*World Leader Telephone Carrier (Chile operation)
Identity Platform:
-Assisted Operations & Support of Sun IDM, AM 7.1 & LDAP & Load Balancers Nauticus y F5 Networks.
-23.000 users platform integrated with SAP R/3, Active Directory and LDAP.
-Authorized Distributors Corporative Portal: Implementation of Sun Java System Portal Server with SAP and CMS NexusWare integration.

*World Leader Bottling Enterprise and Convenience Store (Mexico operation)
-Identity Platform :  Assisted Operations & Support of Sun 8.0.
Administration of 17.000 users platform integrated with con SAP R/3, SAP RH and  Active Directory .

*World Leader Cement Enterprise (Mexico operation)
-Identity Platform: Assisted Operations & Support of Sun IDM  8.0.
Administration of 250.000 users integrated con SAP R/3, SAP RH and Active Directory .

*International TI Consulting Firm (US operation)
-Migration of Weblogic 8.2 application to WebLogic 10.3.3.
Development of a Group Administration Module for Sun IDM 7.1

*Main Multimedia Group (Argentina operation)
-Implementation of OpenAM 8.0  (former Sun OpenSSO 8.0)
Development and Implementation of Facebook & Google login module.

*Well known IT Company (Argentina operation)
-Architecture design and prototype platform development of an on-line web based system for publicity selling at TV channels.
-Development of platform and front-end for on-line access, publicity orders administration, certification and commercial planning for TV channels.
-Architecture design and prototype development to migrate their existing software products to a SpringMVC model.

*Leader Bookstore & Holding Group (Argentina operation)
-Architecture design and prototype development on .NET (WPF) for a new sales core system.