GDQTec. freelancer experto en C, Linux, System Programming, Antispam and Antivirus, Apache, cURL, HTML5, MySQL, PHP, vtiger, Programación Web, CSS3, Nginx, Inglés, Responsive Web Design, Dart, LESS/SASS/SCSS, Postfix, MariaDB, Docker, RabbitMQ, Go Lang, Flutter


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"Gabriel es una persona muy predispuesta con el trabajo. le da su valor agregado y lo importante es que resuelve."

Actualizacion Php y Mysql en servidor. Chequeo estructura de servidor. (a través de Lish)

Freelancer Mariano G. Mariano G. Hace un mes

"Genial trabajar con Gabriel. No solo responde a las consignas del trabajo, sino que aporta valor agregado."


Sobre mí
Hi. I'm Gabriel, a Linux enthusiast that loves to work with barebones distributions like Arch, Void, Gentoo and CRUX, loves free software (as in free speech) and likes to program videogames and utilities for personal use (You can find few of them on my GitHub repo. Beware, as some of the stuff I have there is pretty dated). I have programmed in the C, C++, Python, Lua (with Love2D framework, for making games), Go, Java (though I'd REALLY rather not to), Ruby, AT&T Assembly, Rust, Haskell, Shellscript (bash, sh), Dart (for making iOS, Android and Web Apps in the Flutter Framework) and JavaScript programming Languages, tough I'm particularly proficient with C, C++ and Go.
Historia laboral
I worked for 3+ years as server administrator and programmer on an e-learning platform. I have successfully installed and administered web services such as WordPress, OpenedX, Moodle, Vtiger CRM, RoundCube and Rainloop Mail client, among others. I also have experience in VPS administration, especially Debian based systems (debian, ubuntu). I have installed and correctly configured Postfix mail servers, Mailman mailing lists, and have experience in activating mail security protocols such as DMARC, SPF, DKIM, ADSP , and TLS encryption. I have installed and activated Let's Encrypt's SSL certificates, and programmed tooling for my previous and current company.
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MySql Intermediário
PHP Avanzado
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Computer Skills Intermediário
CSS Básico
HTML 5 Intermedio
Test de inglés