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I am looking for freelancers to work as part of my team. We build software applications in the Django Python framework and this is the skillset that we need. React is used also if its going to b... + details
The idea is to create consulting services website with focus on accounting, tax and legal issues. The menu needs to include: Home, Services, Blog, Resources and Contact Us + details
I need to create a chart page where it will visualize the data from the sql server. It will use highchart.js. And this is using asp.net. + details
The main goal of the project is to be able to read files from a storage in DICOM format e show in the viewer. The DICOM Viewer needs to have this features: See: https://medevel.com/nextcloud-foss-h... + details
Currently, we have mutiple projects that we need marketing and management support Currently we need PPC Specialists ( Facebook AD, Google ad); dsm specialists ; we are open to hiring candidates i... + details
We are a website that provides video content to users around the world. Users can upload videos and get high-definition video. They need Pyhton staff and C++ programmers. + details

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