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even a very simple design works it just has to be working even if it is very plane it just needs map log in register just to hire the driver and where is the location of the driver + details
Hi, i would a like a simple straightforward , easy to understand for me and also for future clients to manoeuvre on the apps. The retail is simply buying and/ or renting attire, acccessories etc... + details
Hello I am looking for a chinese programer who may program and upload app to web. The app is ready all you need to do is zipalign it and upload it. This part i dont know + details
We need to develop an app able to generate construction claims, that the shipowner site team can edit from their smart phone and send to shipyard while being on-board as well as being able to chang... + details
Following are the basic features: 1. Real time chat with transcript provided to customer, messaging and bot 2. Data analytics based on questionnaires, activities undertaken by customers, number of ... + details
Create a processing app with qr code payment. Integrate that with stripe as payment gateawey to build something like Mercadopago app with the qr scan and pay feature. We need user app and mercha... + details

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