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Hiring: 游戏ui设计师职位描述(中文) 【岗位要求】 1. 美术、设计或相关专业本科及以上学历,1年及以上工作经验; 2. 擅长扁平化设计,设计偏向现代简约风格,熟练使用相关软件工具; 3. 了解移动游戏及互联网产品设计趋势走向; 4. 了解移动游戏及互联网产品用户交互设计,能快速理解产品经理的设计要求; 5. 热爱工作,有良好的沟通能力,具有团队合作精神 6. 愿意与来自中国的... + details
This is an app used for gps guidance used in tractors and sprayers in agriculture, please refer to the apps called machinery guide, agropilot, fieldbee and agribus -nav. Take a look at these APP a... + details
We need of someone that migrate a project from Figma to Flutter. All screens are been drawn with on Figma, it is necessary create and structure the components in a layout that is reusable. It is ... + details
Create a chinese character clock by replacing the 60 numerical figure of the clock to chinese character. The design is analog type clock which consist of 6 layer of circle. The inner circle is star... + details
My project is cafeteria online food ordering application which got 2 user. One is admin of the cafeteria who will upload information about food, price and quantity and another one is student who wi... + details
Create a simple POC (Proof of Concept) iOS mobile app in swift to allow for: 1- Add a new to do item to local storage and then async. Call an api endpoint to add to remote db of items (this remote... + details

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