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Video clip to show the effectiveness of our paper or film products to protect auto parts from corrosion. Yet we maintain the cost low. I want to get prospects know our existence in Thailand. + details
Introduction of the video will be with wordings, body is is motion video and ending with 5 logos merging into 1 main logo + details
Please help me to make video similar to this receipe https://youtu.be/oRpJ6ggsrSc and https://youtu.be/f-og8SGY9wU the video must run above 5 minutes but not more than 10 minutes. + details
The company is specialized in safes and watch winders, a leader for all watch enthusiasts caring for a safe, qualitative, and elegant detailing in the pristine environment of them precious timepiec... + details
A TV Chanel needs graphics package for a News program. Style: Modern, lightweight, easy to process on Final Cut X, easy render in news production. Main colour – red as in brand book. We need M... + details
More information will be provided. Basically, the video is an introduction to a project that we have been working on. It is to present to classmates. Introduction to the thesis results. + details

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