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I'm very disappointed in my current web designer. He's a short courser without any other education and has let me down at every turn. I've finally had enough. And now, because I told him he's bein... + details
We are looking to design our https://konradlegalthai.com/ page. The Requisites; 1. Keeping in mind the semiotics of Thai and Chinese people, 2. The target audiences are Thai and Chinese busi... + details
Want to clone this website https://www.buylottoonline.com/ Please bid only if you can design this. No Copy Paste from above website, i want original website Thankyou + details
Hi I'm using a platform to create my website with existing templates. Looking for good designer to build up my website & brand. Thanks + details
I have a tentative template for you to work with and some design ideas for a brand management portfolio site. https://my.studiopress.com/themes/revolution/ + details

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