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We have develop an app (app name PingPoint) and now we are looking to enhance the user Interface (the design & the look) of the apps. Please send in your proposal with your suggestion + details
The Motorcycle Riding App will focus on: 1. Partner/Rider Sign up Module 2. Riders Payment/Top up Module 3. Booking Fare Calculation & Management 4. Email/Notification System 5. Sales/Income... + details
The app is supposed to let drivers register, top up, and pay for parking in the car parks. The driver can be hourly or season user. + details
Nowadays in game apps, people look at youtube, just to know knew update and know skill to be better gaming. So at that point youtube get freelance for gaming app involved in that system. My idea is... + details
I want to 1. Sell my own self bake home made cake; 2. Do cross selling by buying other home made cake producers and re sell it; 3.. Arrange together for delivery services by engaging rider to... + details
I want to upgrade and add new features. Details in this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1awEH-OYsKLkR9K4uqGHTBNkCgS15QFS_/view?usp=drivesdk + details

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