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We need to program computer to make pounding for more than one network to have good speed connections with server and we need to have one output to server + details
Software Developer Project involves upgrading from mainframes to Java. Roles involve development using micro services with spring boot. Integration of micro services using Apache Camel API. Code ... + details
Our venue in Singapore has a broadband connection that is currently shared across 5 SSID's. For 3 days we need to alter that configuration to our bespoke needs (and then return it at the end) + details
I'm looking for a freelance developer and Drupal 8 expert to provide an estimate along with a portfolio. The website must: - Be responsive - Have an easy to use CMS (replace default Drupal admin t... + details
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I have exactly what I need in R, and I just need the code in Python. It's short and I'm available to answer any questions at any time. + details

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