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This video is one of the way to create an Awareness of Save The World. Please do not hesitate to whatsapp me for your own creation. +60123214308 + details
i want to edit my video to show grass instead of dessert all around the factory shown in the video in every scene there is dessert shown around the factory i want to insert grass i need it to be pr... + details
Make a 10 seconds intro for an app that I am working on. I have some examples of what I want. If you would like to know more about it let me know. + details
I need a new 3D animation video cgi range 1 to 3 minutes within my budget. I don't have the resources, but I have the idea. + details
Need to piece together a short 2-3min video promoting a new book, based on existing interview rushes of the 2 authors. The video will have 3 - 4 "chapters", and I will provide the scripting as much... + details
We are making a pro video for a new product. Video length 2:30 min. All footage is done, we have a rough idea on how we would like the video to become, but we need some help doing color grading, vi... + details

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