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The logo is already there i would like to make a charter graphic from this logo https://66.media.tumblr.com/01acd0cad6828f8e83f6769a4854ba40/tumblr_mrzg2w9GdE1rvqr60o1_1280.jpg + details
Hey all, Two years ago I quit my job in education to pursue a vegan prepared meal delivery business aimed at helping animals and the environment. With a background in cooking, animal rights acti... + details
This project intends to design an infographic which will be used a brochure, to be distributed to target and existing clients of the company. The one-pager must guide the clients to check if they a... + details
I am manufacturing medical shirts for cats & dogs and I want a repeat pattern that will be printed in continuous on a fabric roll. The pattern must be 152cm wide. Attached are designs that I woul... + details
Our company is www.foody.com.co We need a graphic designer to do a variety of projects, from infographies, to facebook ads and social media banners + details
I want to hire someone for a project. I will pay for the fully completed project. This project is for someone to work part-time or full-time, as necessary. + details

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