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The purpose of this project is to create captivating designs for existing promotions that are portrayed on the frontal windows of the Convenience Store. These posters must call the customers attent... + details
Looking for 30 custom made activities such as word searches, crosswords, connect the dots, etc with a halloween theme and small illustrations on the page. + details
I need to improve the design of a roadmap illustration I did myself (I am not a designer, I an engineer). The roadmap has 3 stages and so far it works but Im not quite happy with it. + details
Not complicate poses with arms crossed. Not very stylized. I need a modern fashion template in Ilustrator to make simulations for diferent tipes of uniforms. + details
Welcome to this opportunity! We are looking for an experienced illustrator who can make illustrations for our students. We would like to make several activity style illustrations such as colori... + details
Greetings, I'm going to soft launch my new products. It's all related to detergent and chemicals. I wanted to have a new design for labelling sticker. There are few products sticker to be d... + details

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