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Model and analyse structural behaviour eg. Shear, fracture of a single storey house. Material of house made of earthen unfired bricks. Model should also simulate the motar joints between bricks if... + details
Hi, I need someone who can purchase and set-up a lab-scale ultrafiltration system (less than 1 L/min) for a thesis set-up of fruit juice study. I'll shoulder all equipment and installment expenses. + details
Looking for an Experienced Quantity Surveyor or Civil Engineer to recompute and prepare for the final claim for an ongoing project (17months) now on its final month. Knows how to read construction ... + details
I want to measure signal delay time from oscilloscope. I send a sinusoidal wave, and I want to know the delay time. I have some basic questions such as where should I start the measurement and and... + details
Currently we have created our own ms access database to capture incoming projects and from the its link to project, purchasing & finance. I would like to improve and make it into a propoper database + details
I have some designs and cardboard prototypes. I would like to turn my designs into CAD files I can then send to a Wood CNC mashine for cutting! It is not a complicated or difficult job, but it ne... + details

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