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It is humanitarian investing fund and a movement to get people to take up a challenge to invest by consuming for social good and to view the impact works and track its progress and comment or simp... + details
Creation of a logo that identifies the company named D'averdura rolling Ppaper. Any ideas 1. Convert a bunch of bananas by joints. 2. Draw a character a smoker farmer 3. Free decision to present ... + details
the company is called Tan city the logo represents the corporate headquarters of Tan city the logo shows power and authority + details
Sorry I had a problem with renewing my very old PayPal account and now all fixed. (But do not know how to delete my previous posts. I do not know where to ask either.. . So sorry. If you know how,... + details
We are trying to rebrand our brand name from Skha Consulting to Skha. We expect the logo to be simple, elegant, and iconic. Some reference that you can check on: BCG, McKinsey, and Deloitte logos + details
Use everything you’ve learnt about html and css to finish making a personalized card. It doesn’t even have to be a birthday card, it could be for any occasion. + details

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