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We are selling the gym and fitness equipment, but I don’t want the logo had some dumbbell or muscle man. I want it to be simple, because i need to put the logo on the equipment. + details
Hi! I am launching my company very soon (it’s a consulting firm in the aid sector / humanitarian industry, providing aid workers training and donation counseling/ follow up for donators). I want so... + details
Use everything you’ve learnt about html and css to finish making a personalized card. It doesn’t even have to be a birthday card, it could be for any occasion. + details
I need an abstract logo with a colorful background. This should be in 3d form with italic fonts. This should be within the next few day. + details
It is humanitarian investing fund and a movement to get people to take up a challenge to invest by consuming for social good and to view the impact works and track its progress and comment or simp... + details
*** Objective *** Babblestack is a looking to redesign its logo. We are looking for something somewhat minimalist, stylish and unique. The new logo must also meet a number of requirements as laid ... + details

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