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Extract data from machine logbook , Raw data CSV file into excel format easier to understand and manage. Applicable for various OS system: Windows 10 etc. Follow up future updates + details
1) Design, Installation & troubleshooting electrical control system (PLC system) 2) Intrumentation, Variable speed drive and Touch panel design 3) PLC programming + details
To demystify a Numerical study on conjugate heat transfer in laminar fully developed flow with temperature dependent thermal properties through an externally heated SiC/SiC composite pipe and therm... + details
Use dk-20948/icm-20948 to develop a surveying tool that delivers inclination and azimuth using the MEMS gyroscope and accelerometers only. + details
The project involves writing a program for a computer operating on the designers choice. We think laptop might work well, so writing code for windows. There is a tool that is placed into a bore ho... + details
I have a house renovated and i need exterior designer to propose modern concept for the house for the entire exterior house colour , i will provide current pictures of the house. Concept will be a ... + details

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