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Hello folks, I m logo designer, I m looking for a project, if anybody have requirement, kindly let me know Here is a offer for all clients 100% after completion, no advance + details
I want to get a logo made - Brand name - fort collins Minimalistic Can be in an abstract shape on in a greaometical shape Stiking and easy to remember + details
I am Abdul, i confidence that i have the expertise to work on your project. I will be verry happy to have a change for an interview with you. I am always commited to deliver high quality work that ... + details
Performance building is our company name Would love to have a picture logo accompanied by it Visit our website at www.performancebuilding.com.sg for more information on the service we provide + details
I'm looking for someone who can create a logo for a small web-based business. The business centers around technology and training. Also, I'd also like to get a channel art that can be used for Link... + details
Mr. Bung Bung 的由来 是因为我爷爷是开出租车司机的 有时候 我会跟着他一起去 工作 每次跟他一起去工作都会觉得很开心 因为爷爷的幽默 让客人感到非常高兴???? 他也很喜欢喝茶 每当早餐时他一定会点茶来喝 有时候他也会自己在家里 自泡一些茶来 喝 就因为这样 我开始收到爷爷的那一份出租车司机的工作 上得到的快乐 也爱上了 车子 和开车时的享受 我也不知不觉 爱上喝茶 ... + details

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