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#!/Usr/bin/env python # coding: utf-8 # In[ ]: # filename: insert.py (for reference) def insertToMySQL(argument1, argument2, argument3); import pymysql.cursors import csv mysqlconnect... + details
Hi, I am looking for someone to program a bot for a game called "swap it". What programming language the bot is written is do not matter, as long as I can click on the file you send me and it star... + details
Our design is about pitch-shifting guitar pedal that can operate +3 and -3 tuning frequency form standard and Drop D tuning. We have already had the codes for pitch shifting from java language But ... + details
I need to program a pair of touch screen displays to integrate to Can Bus from a diesel engine. I want to display the Can data in the form of instrumentation on the screens. Engine RPM, water temp,... + details

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