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Create a simple POC (Proof of Concept) iOS mobile app in swift to allow for: 1- Add a new to do item to local storage and then async. Call an api endpoint to add to remote db of items (this remote... + details
1. Volunteer app ios and android a. Registration b. Event calendar c. Enrollment d. Check in 2. Cms to maintain event, regirststion , enrollment, check in with qr code 3. data mi... + details
Play this game at this website: https://www.addictinggames.com/puzzle/bubble-spinner Recreate everything in this, but in an android app. And create new in-app purchases. + details
I need to develop a mobile app using xamarin which able to connect to the backend web services to retrieve the product info, user info and store these in sqllite database in devices. - Backend Web ... + details

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