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Program to control the "Cognex - IS8402M" to create a job output to TCPDevice. The program has a UI for user to setup "PatMax Pattern" also has a admin UI for "CalibrateAdvanced" and "TransPatterns... + details
* I need a front end to my existing vb.net food pantry software which uses a ms sql database * I would really like it to be written using Xamarin using Visual Studio. * The end user needs to be... + details
This is a marketplace platform specialised for vape product. 1. Merchant can register their shop, the shop will have their own product categories, SKU, stock management, followers, ratings, produc... + details
The project is about contractor management system, this is kind like a hub for people to find the contractor that suitable with their preference + details
Create a chinese character clock by replacing the 60 numerical figure of the clock to chinese character. The design is analog type clock which consist of 6 layer of circle. The inner circle is star... + details
Dev using Flutter a mobile app to handle buying and delivery of F&B raw materials betw suppliers and buyers with backend PHP+MySQL. We'll handle all coding of backend and cloud hosting. You'll onl... + details

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