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Publicado el 19 Septiembre, 2017 en Programación y Tecnología

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Adjunto el detalle (en inglés) de las tareas iniciales de este proyecto abajo.

Podemos discutir de los detalles más tarde. Tambien tengo acceso a un servicio de soporte para modificar el template.

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motripgo website customization

the website is an online platform specialized in motorbiking tours/activities. Professional motorbike guides will publish their tours on the platform and user will be able to search,

●    “Become affiliate” in the side menu at the top right instead of the main menu

●    Fix browse by category section: need to display the 4 styles on the page with the name always displaying on the image
●    add a newsletter section (linked to mailchimp)

tour page presentation
●    suggest a new design for the tour presentation page
original template tour page: https://www.Waituk.com/entrada/modern/tour/city-tours-in-europe/#tab04

inspiration for design
for general inspiration, a competitor website: https://www.bookmotorcycletours.com/corner-adventures/10-days-unforgettable-cambodia-motorbike-tour
We also like the navigation and presentation of this other marketplace
Global presentation
***Let’s discuss the feasibility and implications of the changes suggested below***
-    modify to have a banner on all the width of the page (see image below). We also like the idea of having the gallery at the top of the page (like one of our competitor) and not in the tab menu like in the original template.

-    Integrate the booking module on the side (provided by our booking system provider - see image below) enabling it to follow down while scrolling like in the website version of our booking service provider (see below for connection information)
-    display other tours from the same tour operator on the side (see image below - optional no need to do that if it is bad for the design of the rest of the page)
-    keep the tab navigation from the original template (see original template)

This design is from our booking system provider who also have a website builder (we decided not to use) but we like some features of it we would like to reproduce. Here is the link to the page so you can see it working: https://motripgo.vacationlabs.com/tours/3-night-luxury-vacation-in-goa-16154#overview
To connect: (access is not permited for the moment, will tell you when you can access again)
user: mat@motripgo.com
password: not available yet

-    add a button to keep tour in favorites
-    add a send inquiry button with a pop up contact form for people to ask more questions on the tour before booking. See image from a competitor below for information.
Propose a different design to distinguish from competitor and be more integrated with template.

Overview section
-    design proposals for a more visual presentation of the tour. For information for the design the overview page will include:
-    highlights/quick description
-    Total duration
-    Total distance
-    Playground (%): XX% Onroad (more details)/ XX% offroad (gravel, muddy, rocky)
-    Group size: min/max participants
-    Level available: 3 to 5 levels
-    Bike options: own bike, rental bike
-    Accommodation: number of nights, quality
-    Food
-    Language of the guide
Except for highlight and quick description, we would like to have nice icons to easily see what it is about. See example below (this is just to illustrate what we mean, but we don’t like the design, please suggest a nice design;)):

-    What’s included, what’s not section
-    add icons with colour (green for the checks and red for the crosses: see example below)

FAQs/Reviews section
●    add a text framework before the FAQs to clearly display cancellation policy
●    propose a design to separate the rating section: before we start having verified comments from clients that have bought on our platform, we would like to add commentaries from other sources manually (trip advisor or guide web site).
So we want people can clearly distinguish between verified comments and “recycled” comments.
●    Comment box: enable comments only from participants

result page
●    get rid off of the banner on top of the page 
●    when no results are found for the search criteria, add a sorry message and a button to request a tour with those criteria so our staff can receive a notification that someone is interested in this kind of tour (ask for the email of the person who made the request so we can contact him if we find a tour with the criteria). Confirm that the request has been send and propose a button to start the search again

●    add a section of presentation displaying the main advantages of being part of the platform
●    add a customize contact form

Content of the contact form:
Name of the company*
Contact person*
Phone number
*required field

Button: Receive more information

Thank you message: Your message was successfully sent! We will contact you as soon as possible!

●    add a customize contact form

Contact person*
Activity type (single choice): Touring - All-Road - Enduro - Circuit - Other
Description: text box where people will be able to give all the details about the custom made tour they need

Button: Find me my dream tour

Thank you message: Your message was successfully sent! We will contact you as soon as possible!


●    Performance analysis and improvements (plugin optimization, server capacity, etc)
●    SEO Optimization
●    Anti Spamming

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