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i game developments that use language is C++ i want you to support the new version of file, i have the source code of the files and i want to support something new i will explain it after + details
Good day, We would like to have our own Main Program that will utilize, check and monitor job orders and other work related transactions. You may contact us for more details. + details
Hi there, I need an appointment and scheduling software (definitely Windows but both apple and Windows preferable). The software should be able to run from a single specific folder on my computer ... + details
Read the file attached please. I need the algorithm and the console showing the steps to make the android stand, walk and sit. + details
I need someone to build me an app that: 1. Uses regex to fill data into forms in websites. (User must be able to add or delete entries which should match and fill data. Example: Autofill forms in ... + details
I want desktop application that recognize Mahjong tiles and some texts from image taken by webcam. I attached sample image. There's a sample code in the Github that recognize Mahjong tiles, but it ... + details

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