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I hv existing code which i want to understand and modify. This code is counting no of vehicles stoping in roi more than a fixed duration. Let say we hv roi and we can set alarm if cars are more tha... + details
After web scrap by beautifulsoup, some data require to use method A web scrap, some data require to use method B web scrap. For example, method a: 'b':rows[i].find_all('td')[1].a.contents[0], met... + details
To build a camera operated autonomous guided vehicle . use Linux programming with a improved Rarberry Pi with camera and other sensors + details
I need to make an Amazon tunnel vpn ipsec from my vpc to another datancenter. I have the specs, and the contacts of the other side. Need a professional with network, vpn, ipsec, security knowledges... + details

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