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Looking for an experienced Python developer to help with the implementation and deployment of ChatterBot or similar Chat Bot. I need a GUI setup as well as for the ChatteBot setup. + details
Project Name: Web Application Firewall using Machine Learning Phase 1: Designing and Building Web Proxy Objective: The proxy will act as gateway to automatically or manually forward and drop un-se... + details
1) To develop new marine crew data base system 2) to develop programme for ship plan maintenance system base on manual/procedure + details
We are looking for a Front-End Web Developer who is motivated to bridge the gap between pixel perfect design and technical implementation. In this role, you will take an active role in defining how... + details
Two actions: Disable a button after submission by a member but should be permanent and not only in the session. Calculate value from some questions and send the information for a database. + details
A cada pulso dado em uma porta de entrada, o sera dado alguns passos (regulaveis) no motor nema, ate detectar alguma alteracao no sinal do feixe do laser ao sensor foto voltaico. As endstops sao pr... + details

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