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I am trying to sell peruvian products that come directly from peruvian farmers and creates/generates agricultural educational programs for peruvian farmers + details
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Hello, I require the services of an individual to update an excel sheet with certain information on restaurants in UAE. The list of restaurants exist and I would need the individual to update dat... + details
I have a linked in Page that needs someone to guide me / done for me on how to turn my linked in account (I am the managing director of the company), into a b2b lead gen. or suggestions on the best... + details
We have a powerpoint presentation we want to send to investors and we need it to look awesome. Looking for an expert in styling presentations. + details
It's a self service laundry shop name dobi cantik. We planning to offer additional services called "DOBI 4 U". The idea is to assist prospect that do not have time to do the laundry. For instant, ... + details

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